Ch Jackson's Cowgirls Don't Cry
July 3, 2009 - August 30, 2021

On August 30, 2021 our whole world stopped when we had to say good bye to Brooke. She was the BEST dog who left a huge hole in our hearts.  We were so very lucky to have had 12 amazing years with her.   She was my best buddy, she was so good with all the puppies and teaching them the ropes.   She was the best walking partner.  She was also very stubborn and the Queen of the house.   I was not ready to say good bye to her.   Not that we ever really are.   She gave us some memories we will cherish every day.   Brooke Honey, we love you and miss you so very much each and every day.

BPIS BOSS GCh Nikmor's Lone Star
July 8, 2012 - March 2, 2019


Sometimes a dog comes in to our life to teach us something special.  That dog was Dallas.  From the minute she arrived in the world and in to our lives, she lived every day to the best.   She always had you thinking "What is she going to do next?" Dallas had a mischievous side that often got her in to trouble.  We were always trying to stay one step ahead of her, but she was always two steps ahead of us.   Dallas was my first Best Puppy In Show winner, my first Grand Champion, and she was an incredible mother.  She has given us three amazing litter of puppies.  She has given so much joy to all the families that have one of her puppies.   She has helped me to meet several people who have become more than a puppy family, they have become friends.  Dallas essentially made Nikmor Goldens everything we are.   I would never be able to thank her enough for that.  She was stubborn and fought the fight until the last minute.  Dallie Do, we will never forget you and you will live on through all your puppies.  You have left your paw print on us and we will forever be grateful for having you in our lives, even though it was cut very short.  Rest well sweetie.   We love you and miss you.

Foxylane's Silent Rumor
May 25, 2000 - April 10, 2014

Our very special Baby Rumor left us shortly before her 14th birthday.  Rumor was not a show dog but so enjoyed prancing around the house with the other dogs ribbons.  She loved when we clapped for her.  She was the best behaved dog ever, she never got in trouble and loved to help around the house, even carrying in the groceries.   Her biggest joy in life was playing with her footballs.  Rumor has left a big empty spot in our home.   We will always cherish our special memories of her.  

Ch. Jackson's Rising Star CGN
May 27, 2006 - April 3, 2013
Our beautiful Phoenix, the heart and soul of our family left us so suddenly.  Gone way too soon she took a piece of our hearts with her.  Phoenix was our first show dog.  She loved to perform in the ring and she was getting ready to return to the ring this summer as a veteran. She always loved playing with her hedgehogs, tennis balls and of course, digging holes in the yard!   We miss her so much.  Our home and lives are so empty without her here.  We will always have so many fond memories of Phoenix to bring us comfort.  Phoenix will live on through her daughters Brooke and Abby and through her grand-puppies.   

Ch. Jackson's Show Off CGN
October 17, 2001 - April 7, 2012

Zurich was a very wonderful girl.  She had a true Golden spirit.   We often referred to Zurich as "Mamma Z".  She had a natural instinct to be a mother and she was just wonderful with all the dogs.  She had a very special way with puppies.  We could always count on her to help out with any puppy.   Her favorite thing in life, next to her food, was her tennis balls.  She was rarely without one.   She has left a big hole in our heart.   Our home just is not the same without her bouncing all around.  We will always cherish our memories of our time with Zurich.  
November 6, 1998 - May 10, 2010




Nikki was our first Golden Retriever.  She introduced us to this wonderful breed.   She brought so much joy to our family.  We were so excited when she came to live with us.   She certainly brought many challenges!  She had a mind of her own at times.  But, she had the greatest personality as well.  She made us laugh many many times.   Her favorite thing to play with was her rocks.  She loved going swimming and was always so excited.  We miss Nikki greatly.  We will never forget her and will always cherish the memories of our first Golden Retriever. 



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