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Below are some of our favorite Products and Services:

Our favourite raw food we feed is from Big Country Raw!   They have excellent products, customer service, they are supportive and sell a wide variety of products!   Check them out here:

Our puppies and Adult dogs are fed Royal Canin Golden Retriever  You can find more information here:
We purchase all our grooming supplies from Wheatley Wares.  We also send puppies home with a small grooming package from here.  You can check them out!   

We also use Natures Pharmacy products from Copper Hollow Enterprise!  One of our favourites is Cran Tri C.  We have used this for many many years with our puppies.  You can check them out here:

Our dogs also received a monthly enrichment box from Dura Pet!   I can not recommend them enough!   Such a fun monthly box! Check them out here:

We highly recommend Oh My Dogness treats and chews!   These are single ingredient, healthy chews and treats!   Everything from cheese trainers to Frog Legs!    Check them out and use our code Nikmor10 to save on your order!

   Check out DogWebs Premium for a website for your kennel. for your website for your Club or Business (not just dog sites).





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